Say goodbye to my 2008

I wanna say goodbye to my 2k8

It was common but extraordinary

It was hope and failure

It was sad but ture

It was expected and unexpected

It was success and fair

It was growth and develop

It was think and think

It was said and done

It was astonishment and recover

It was selfish and given

It was love and peace…

So I shall remember what it takes and means

And I wanna thank my friends and colleagues

I always say it is amaing to work or study with the talented people

I can hardly bare the nonentity

Even though once I have said that

Sometimes it is the people you donot wanna be

would make you become the people you wanna be

We should face and learn

and be grateful and faithful

Finally it is you make you become who you are

Thank you for being with me or without me

Thank you for coming to me or leaving me

Thank you for the good or the bad you have done to me

what I know or donot know

Thank you for visiting my blog and comment

I will appreciate

At last

2k9 is coming to us within one hour

Predictable it will be busy

just starting from tomorrow

To say the truth

I am not of much expection

Almost everything is on the right way

what I need is just to take it over

being simple honest and going straight

So just wahch me

as a deep blue ocean

flow fly and cloud

Happy new year

That will be my 2009

And yours