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Milan have overcome all the hurdles set in their way to claim the biggest prize in European club football

What an incredible journey it has been and tonight it ended just exactly where it should have. It ended with Milan lifting the Champions League title for the seventh time in Rossoneri history and the fifth under the guidance of Silvio Berlusconi.

Triumph once again in a competition that leaves little room for error and where the best side always gets their due. Liverpool can be proud of what they did, but this Milan side are simply extraordinary as they have come from what seemed like a season destined for bad fortune all the way to the most coveted spot in Europe.

No one will ever forget that first cup that was lifted back in 1963 in Wembley, but tonight was also unforgettable as the red and black colours danced with joy in Athens because it just wasn’t a given as read… it was a dream come true.

Last summer’s heavy summer heat and the Champions League preliminary round seem so very far way. The letters that were flying back and forth from all the different football governing bodies, the players that had to return early for a rushed preparation. The summer left its mark. This victory proves that Milan are a side that know how to react under pressure, with a fine touch of character, courage and sweat. It underlines how a side like Milan can do anything and overcome any obstacle when they put their minds to it as a group. They have overcome and conquered once again as a team in the hands of an extraordinary man and that man is Carlo Ancelotti. From the training retreat in Malta, Ancelotti promised to take Milan to the Champions League final and he is a man of his word backed by the strength of this club and men like President Silvio Berlusconi and chief executive Adriano Galliani. Men that never stopped believing in the dream called Milan.

Then, of course, there are the players. Last but not least. Our heroes. Our boys on the field who played and fought until the end as a united front. They have demonstrated once again that they are at the pinnacle of professional football, that they have the character and strength to lift what seemed like an almost unimaginable achievement. They have been repaid in full for everything they have done and all they have given, they have been repaid with the most important title in Europe.

Athens is a night that no one will ever forget because it is a story of struggle that ends in victory. What an amazing sight it was to see Paolo Maldini lift the trophy just as his father did back in 1963. It was music in motion to see the Rossoneri with the force of pure football passion at their backs, pushing them across the pitch to seal their position as the best in Europe.

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