God bless

To our dear God,

This is really my first time to write to you, God, so please forgive my rudeness.

I have never met you before, and I am not sure you have or not. Are you really interested in me? Is everything happened to me during the last year your planned for all these? I can’t believe that, but I really don’t have some good explanation. What can I do for you?

Or what do you want me to do for the mankind?

If this is the way you want me to learn or to grow, it is something really tough and even cruel, what if I fail to learn, what if I fail to gain, fail to love, fail to give, fail to be the one you are expecting? Have you ever think about that?

You taught me how to dream, didn’t you? But you didn’t tell me when dreams are broken, my whole world would collapse, with nothing left, is that you want me to feel? is that you want me to touch the river of hell? or is that you want to let me kill myself? Sorry, I can kill my mind, but I don’t have the brave to kill them all, the body, the soul, the sprits. And you don’t want me to do that, right?



So please guide me, to the place I shall belong, to become the one we agree to be, to do the right thing for the right person, to sacrifice, if needed.


Thank you for praying for me.

Bless my family, I cannot afford losing another one who loves me so deep.

Forgive my sins.