Olympic or Business?

The Olympic Opening? I am sure most of you have watched the live. Yesterday morning on my way to office, the radio said that they will broadcast this opening, and I was thinking it would be very unlucky and depressed for whom cannot watch this ceremony via TV. Well, I never thought this guy could be me! Yesterday evening, I got some business more than office, after we sent my client to hotel, we  even could not find a taxi, seemed the whole city was watching, we walked in the empty street, lonely. And then I could only listen the song You & me via taxi radio, totally unpredictable, till now, I haven’t seen the performance, pity, yes. Anyway, business is business, we should not be emotional or self-option, but professional and a little, may be, sacrifice, to become and develop the real essential of business. Sometimes it is hard to say what is business for those who are working for entry level outsourcing, for you may feel little value to the project, like a small potato. This time might take one year or longer, which you must suffer and get through by yourself, and to some extent, it is an important time of your career, as what the Bank of China’s motto says:

忙时不慌,闲时亦不荒 No panic while you are busy, no waste while you are idle.

To be a success business man, be professional first. Because you are working for no one, only for yourself. And I don’t think you need some me or Indian to tell this. Try professional in work, balance your life, and enjoy the pursuit to excellence of the living moment,  we will meet at the summit of the world. In the end I would like to deliver my best wishes to all the athletes in Peking, those not only to achieve, but to exceed themselves, this is the real inspiration of Olympic!