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10月15号,所有的blogger将联合起来,对某一重大事件发表他们自己的看法。在2007年,这个事件就是环境问题。每个blogger都会用他们自己的方式,结合博客的主题,发表一篇关于环境的文章。我们的目的是让每个人讨论一个更好的将来。 我们期待来自不同国家和民族,不同背景的blogger参与其中。下面是你参与的方式:




下面介绍一下保护鲸鱼吧,如果你去关注有机会以你的名字命名一头鲸鱼哦~ [



The Great Whale Trail is a collaboration between Greenpeace and scientists working on humpback whales in the South Pacific. With financial support from Greenpeace, humpback whales have been tagged by the Cook Islands Whale Research and Opération Cétacés (New Caledonia).

The whales are now being tracked via satellite as they migrate from breeding and calving areas in the tropical South Pacific to the feeding grounds of the Southern Ocean.

This project will produce important information on the movements and migratory destinations of humpback whales from small, unrecovered populations off Rarotonga (Cook Islands) and New Caledonia.



Greenpeace is communicating this critical non-lethal scientific research to the wider public as part of their campaign against Japan’s unnecessary lethal “research” in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.